What is Pilates?
Pilates is a system of exercises designed to increase strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and control. Pilates focuses on the deep stabilizing muscles of the torso, hips and shoulder girdle. The exercises emphasize joint stability and muscle balance to create a stronger and more flexible spine. Regular pilates practice will help you to move through your daily life with fluidity and ease. Pilates will also help you to perform better in any athletic activity such as golf, baseball, cycling and running. Utilizing the mat and equipment, each exercise is performed with few repetitions, emphasizing precision, flow and correct form. Controlling your muscles, by focusing your mind, enables you to experience a new awareness of muscle function and coordination. Pilates strengthens the body and calms the mind.

In New York City during the 1920’s, German-immigrant, Joseph H. Pilates (1880-1967) devised a series of controlled movements that engaged the mind and body in developing strong, flexible muscles, without building bulk. In 1945, Pilates defined fitness as, “the attainment and maintenance of a uniformly developed body with a sound mind fully capable of naturally, easily, and satisfactorily performing our many and varied daily tasks with spontaneous zest and pleasure.”

What is STOTT Pilates™?
Former professional dancer Moira Stott-Merrithew developed STOTT PILATES, with input from sports medicine professionals. STOTT PILATES is a contemporary, anatomically based approach to Joseph Pilates’ original exercise method. STOTT PILATES exercises are designed to restore the natural curves of the spine and rebalance the muscles around the joints. This safe and effective program is comprised of hundreds of exercises, which allow workouts to be customized to meet individual needs. These workouts are non-impact, easy on joints and complement other forms of exercise. Even the simplest of routines lead you to more physical challenges, improved mental focus and increased health benefits.

Can I Do Pilates?
People of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from STOTT PILATES. Pilates is a specific exercise form that focuses on developing core strength, mobility, improved postural alignment, and coordination. It is non weight-bearing and very adaptable to various body types, limitations and injuries.

Is Pilates difficult?
For most beginners, Pilates is challenging. All movements in Pilates originate from the core, the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, pelvic floor, back and inner thighs. As this area becomes stronger, the movements of Pilates are more easily performed. Pilates is meant to be challenging, even for those who do it often. As strength builds, the movements are done with greater precision and speed.

What Benefits Will I See?
Improved posture
Heightened body awareness
Increased abdominal & back strength
Gain longer, leaner muscles
Help prevent injury
Improved balance, coordination & circulation
A Body that ‘thinks’ for itself?