Gary McFarland holds a degree in physical therapy from the University of Pittsburgh. With over 35 years of outpatient experience along with extensive training in pilates-based physical therapy, Gary has found that Pilates has proven to be a very useful tool in physical therapy.

Pilates-based physical therapy is founded on the idea that a movement-oriented approach to PT can offer patients an opportunity to experience success with movement. When patients have a positive movement experience, a shift can occur in the perception that movement causes pain.

Pilates-based physical therapy is an approach to healing grounded in the moving body, using the therapeutic movements and techniques of Pilates as well as traditional physical therapy intervention. Pilates-based physical therapists generally use Pilates as their main exercise modality, replacing more traditional exercise machines with Pilates equipment.

Gary holds a black belt in taekwondo along with being an avid hiker, runner and cyclist. His background in sports, physical therapy and Pilates offers unique insights to a patient’s needs.

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This service is covered by most insurance companies with a physician referral.